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Greenbrier - a general history

Owners: 1893 Chesapeake & Ohio S.S. Co. Ltd. (London) West Hartlepool: 1902 Elders & Fyffes Ltd., West Hartlepool (converted to part refrigerated): 1910 Tropical Fruit S.S. C.o Ltd., West Hartlepool: 1914 Coast S.S. Co., Wilmington, Delaware

Masters: 1893-94 H Boig: 1894 SS Steel: 1894-97 JH Trinick: 1899-1900 C Martin: 1904-05 D Reside: 1906 FH Swain: 1908-09 H Galt.

The New York Times 30 April 1915.

“The War Risk Insurance Bureau of the Treasury Department has decided to pay $50,000 to the Ocean S.S. Co. in insurance on the hull of the steamship Greenbrier, sunk by a mine on her return voyage from Bremen on 2 April. The Greenbrier sailed from Charleston SC with a cargo of cotton. The cargo was insured for $465,000 & the hull for $50,000 for the round trip. The cargo was landed safely & the ship was sunk the day after she started back.

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