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1889 Thornaby R. Ropner & Company


The steamship Thornaby sank after striking a mine 2 miles north-east of the Shipwash Light Vessel on 28th February, 1916. The ship was on a voyage from Marbella to West Hartlepool with a cargo of iron ore.

Nineteen crew were lost, including West Hartlepool-born, 3rd Engineer Robert William Greig.

The other men who lost their lives were: Bauman, Tom; Blaxland, Thomas; Caro, Luis; Clark, Robert; Clune, Arthur; Cott, Gerald; Duiff, Johanne; Earl, Fredric Harry; Evans, David; Greig, Robert William; Hopkins, H.; Leys, P.; McHugh, George; Ofsthun, Paul; Prosen, John Hermann Ernest; Soderman, Ebble; Van Der Harst, Arie; Viney, James; Wapenaar, Claudius Barthelomens.




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