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Names and owners




1911 Barrowmore Lochmore S.S. Co. Ltd.
1914 Barrowmore Johnston Line Ltd.


The steamship Barrowmore was torpedoed and sunk by the German submarine U-94 off the Scilly Isles, on 19th February, 1918. The ship was on a voyage from Huelva, Spain to Port Talbot with a cargo of copper ore.

23 crew were lost, including two from Hartlepool:
Fred Hughes
George Shepherd

The other crewmen lost were:
Ali Saleh; Andersen, Hans S.; Appelquist, K.; Burgess, James; Chiswell, Sydney Redvers; Clements, Jose; Collins, Cornelius; Conelly, James; Cooper, Euphraim Stanley; Gallagher, James; Gallardo, Juan; Griffin, David; Halvorsen, L.; Hatfield, E.B.; Jensen, A.; Nelson, James; Patrickson, George Anthony; Pursglove, William; Robertson, W.H.; Thijsen, Peter Johan; White, Chas.




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