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1893 Rappahannock Chesapeake & Ohio


The steamship Rappahannock was captured and sunk by the German submarine U-69 off the Scilly Isles on 26th October, 1916. The ship was on a voyage from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to London with a cargo of timber and apples.

Although her crew safely abandoned ship, none of their lifeboats reached shore or were picked-up by other ships, and all 37 men, including Hartlepool-born Chief Engineer George William Hall, were lost.

The other men who lost their lives were: Anton, S.; Baldy, David Cramb; Berentsen, M.; Bespalloff, N.; Colyer, W.; Cornwall, William; Dalton, R.; De Ligt, Arie; Gage, E.S.; Gareppo, C.; Garrett, Richard; Hakker, J; Hammer, F.H.; Jane, William Jasper; Johnson, C.; Kellowan, C.; Klawin, K.; Knief, Charles Louis; Loguist, C.; McBain, James Udney; Milligan, James Thomas; Moran, Peter; Muller, George; Nordling, H.; O'Brien, Gerald Charles; Rollings, John Francis; Sinclair, William George; Sorensen, O.; Theuwkens, J.; Theuwkens, Joannes Jacobus; Thompson, Albert Sydney; Townrow, Albert Edward; Van Aalst, J.; Van Der Heyden, W.J.; Walden, Harold Eugene Montague; Wilkins, William Charles.

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